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A&E launched The Recovery Project to generate awareness that
addiction is a treatable disease and recovery is possible

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The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) fights the stigma and the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions and is America's oldest national advocacy health organization dealing exclusively with alcoholism and drug dependence.

NOTE: A percentage of NCADD's sponsorship donation was funded by SAMHSA


Pathway to Hope, Olathe, KS

Encourages, educates, & empowers individuals & families arising from dealing with a broad spectrum of mental illnesses.

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Pathway To Hope
lives one at a time by providing information, tools, and support
for those touched by mental illness. Going beyond the ordinary for you ...that's the mantra of Pathway To Hope.




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Karen McCarthy Foundation

Karen McCarthy loved to help those who could not always help themselves so her Art Foundation was created to lend a helping hand to up and coming artists. Now her foundation is giving back to recovery by sponsoring this walk. She attributed AA for re-introducing the joy of life back into her last years.


HCF is dedicated to the mission of providing leadership, advocacy, and resources to eliminate barriers and promote quality health for uninsured and underserved in our service area.


birdsings Bird Sings
Greeting cards, gifts and more; Bird Sings represents the wonder that occurs when we fulfill our natural purpose in life. So, just as the bird sings, the flower blooms, and the tree shades, when we express our natural purpose we do so without effort. In fact, we find exhilaration from doing that which we were always intended to do

Tim Colley, founder and president of Bird Sings.



Michael "Wolfie" Wolfe's personalised photography of people, places and things.
Fine Art Photography for your home, office, business and Galleries.




Hilton President Kansas City

hilton president KC

1329 Baltimore
Kansas City, MO 64105


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Become a Sponsor!

There are many ways to support this event. It is the goal of the planning partners
to institutionalize the Mike Johnson Memorial Walk for Recovery. For infomation on becoming a sponsor please contact Michelle or Cindy (contact info below)

Michelle Irwin
First Call
633 E. 63rd St.
Kansas City, MO 64110
Office: 816-361-1455 x 113
Cindy Christy
ATTC National Office
215 W. Pershing Road
Kansas City, MO 64108
phone: 816-235-6888
email: christyc@umkc.edu





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